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Process to book..

  • Book your Date Online FIRST (click book now)

  • Quote will Be TEXTED If you accept the quote

  • please follow the next step...

  • (if not your booking will be canceled)

  • Pay a 50 % deposit Via

cash app-$berrycakery

Venmo-  berrycakerybakery

Your date will not be booked without the deposit and online booking

please see terms below before booking

Our Services


•Delivery will be a $35 fee In Sacramento.

•DO NOT ACCEPT a cake if you have any issues with it, I send pictures of the product a day of pick or delivery; that is your time to make reasonable adjustments.

I AM NOT responsible for any damages to a cake due to transportation or set up once the cake is out of my possession.

Refunds will NOT be issued unless you bring the cake back to me with no more than 1 slice missing and you have 24 hours to request one!! HOWEVER, A REFUND MAY BE ISSUED UNDER THE OWNERS DISCRETION

•Deposits are non-refundable but can be used as credit (must give a 4 week notice to use credit)

•Once you book a date on your contract you may not change the date unless there is availability to do so, if there not no availability you will be subjected to a $100 fee.

•If you do not pick a flavor it will be default to vanilla

•I do not offer any heel designs or whip cream UNLESS it’s on cupcakes or the inside of the cake. Whip cream is not very stable

•Deposits are 50% of the total price, the balance is due 1 week prior to the cake being due for pick up or delivery.

•I do not send out payment reminders it will be your responsibility to communicate when you will be able to make a payment if your cake will not be made until it is paid in full.  Delay in payment will result in delay of product.

•Deposit reserve your date, until a deposit is made your date remains available for other customers.

•If your date is less than 10 days or you need to book during a booked week you must pay in full and additional fee may apply

•If you need to book 3 days prior to your date a $75 short notice fee will be added to the total price

•Cakes are NOT ALLERGEN friendly, eat at your own risk we will not be responsible for ANY allergic reactions.

•Alcohol cakes are to be consumer by adults 21 and up, customer must bring their own alcohol, we are not responsible for illegal use for alcohol once in the customer’s possession.

•You must schedule an exact pick up time, if you are unable to make it during that time frame you MUST communicate, or you will be subject to receiving your product at a later time and a $20 Inconvenience fee

You will be responsible for your own set up, Berry Cakery Bakery will set up if requested but we will not be responsible for any damages that may arise, and you will not receive a refund. You may however purchase set up and delivery service for $75 which guarantees Refunds for damages caused during transportation and 60 mins after setting up.  This will not be valid if the damages are caused by customer(s) or guest.

•We do not provide cupcakes or cake stands, it will be your responsible to provide them and we will only use what you provide.

•We have the right to refuse service to anyone.

•Your order will be subject to cancellation at any time due to abusive behaviors towards staff and no refund will be given.

Please understand by booking online you understand our terms and it will be considered legally binding.

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